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This is a single board exhibit the consists of two pre-operative condition images, one anterior and one lateral, and four surgical steps.\r\n\r\nThe anterior pre-operative condition illustrates multiple injuries including AC joint osteoarthritis, subacromial impingement, a partial thickness supraspinatus tear, tearing of the biceps tendon, and a superior border subscapularis tear with retraction. The lateral view shows a type II SLAP tear where the biceps tendon meets the glenoid labrum.\r\n\r\nThe first surgical step shown is the insertion of the arthroscopic instruments. The second step combines the tendinopathy of the biceps tendon with part of the tendon removed and the reduction of the subscapularis to the humerus by way of suture lasso and anchor. The third steps shows part of the acromion and clavicle being derided and removed. The final step shown illustrates the insertion of two anchors for a trans-tendinous repair of the supraspinatus tear.
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